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Revision and notes 10

Seventieth lesson

Exercise 1 Seventieth lesson

Wählen Sie die richtige Antwort

Choisir la réponse correcte

Escoja la respuesta correcta

Escolha resposta certa

  • 1

    Would you help me a new jacket for the interview?

  • 2

    I'll a coffee at Mario's if you come.

  • 3

    How I help you?

  • 4

    Are you to order?

  • 5

    We'll have two cappuccionos and .

  • 6

    What will you do if you the job?

  • 7

    I'll buy a car and we to york every day.

  • 8

    But if a car, I woud have to take my !

  • 9

    And you know I'm not on games of chance!

  • 10

    Ok, a car . life'll will be so much easier!

  • 11

    Excuse me, miss.May we have please?

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